Duncan Street , Complete Listing Renovation

Homeowner hired Luzon Project mgmt LLC who is a California Licensed Contractor since 2010 to remodel 1989 , 2000 sq ft penthouse master and guest bathroom, plus kitchen including the countertops . We also replaced the master bedroom’s carpet with TLI to match the real wood of the common area .
We replaced the old style 3 bedrooms closet door ( they all were old style gold trimmed mirrors )

  • Exterior Before
    Exterior Before

Homeowner hired Luzon to make sure all DBI notes are corrected for un permitted bathroom and bedroom and retro the building . Took only 4 weeks from start to end , while we were working with Daly City DBI to correct all un permitted work , our sister m Real Estate company   ; Epic Real Estate & Asso., Inc ( place link ) was able to market the house , perform showings and had a qualified tenants moved in with $1,000 more monthly rent , the day that Luzon’s team complete the Daly City DBI requirement and got the assigned inspector signed off on all un permitted sections

Page Street, SF

Water leak  caused damages to the flooring and vanity . The repairs were done in 6 hours .Life time Warranty Vinyl installed , All corners were sealed  and New vanity was installed .



Jackson ST4
Jackson ST2
Jackson ST3
Jackson ST1

Knollview Way, SF

This client contacted us to help her rent the house that she inherited from her Grandfather. The house was in all original condition and showed great potential as the home is perched upon twin peaks with gorgeous views of the Pacific ocean. The client had a bit more of a budget and really wanted us to focus on the kitchen and the windows in the home. We did a full remodel on the kitchen, refinished the hardwood floors, gave the home a full paint job, replaced all of the view windows, and cleaned the place from top to bottom. Towards the end of the project we placed the home on the market and again we were able to find tenants to move in shortly afterward allowing for a quick recovery of the costs involved with her investment. Below are some before and after pics.  As you can see, we did a kitchen remodel, and some hardwood flooring.


Molimo Drive, SF

This client contacted our company after his tenant of over 28 years vacated his property. The house was in original condition and unfortunately the tenant left the place a mess. We recommended a full remodel to our client to bring the property up to a marketable condition. The client had a limited budget so we advised him to spend the money where it counts; paint, floors, kitchen, plumbing and ensuring that the house was mechanically funtional. To cut costs we recommended tile counters rather than granite, cabinet refinishing, pull up the carpet and refinishing of the floors, and window repair rather than replacement. During the last stages of the remodel we began marketing the property for rent and within one week of completion we had placed a tenant in the home and had negotied enough rent for the owner that he would realize his return on investment in just a matter of months. Below you can find some before and after photos showing the dramatic change.

Kansas street

Carnelian Way, SF

This client contacted us to help renovate his four-bedroom townhouse in Diamond Heights. His home was in all original condition with outdated stylings from the early '70s. His property boasted gorgeous views of downtown San Francisco but lacked the modern style that is needed to command a rental price in the upper $4k range. After a full remodel of this four-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bath townhouse the views were only a secondary compliment to the gorgeous property that portrayed them. Check out the before and after pictures below. Molimo Drive, SF


Southgate Ave, Daly City

This project involved replacing a very old and malfunctioning stove as well as installing a microwave witha vent hood on top. Our contractors replaced electrical wiring in the cabinets on top of the microwave to bring everything up to code, installed the new microwave and the stove in no time, so the tenants did not have a stove only for a few hours.

Southgate ave

California Street, SF

Bathroom Floor tiles replaced

This was a lovely property that just needed some sprucing up and minor work. In the bathroom a new tile floor installed, the bathtub reglazed, the bathroom was painted, and we did some water leak repair.

The hardwood floors were refinished and damaged areas repaired. In the kitchen, we replace the refrigerator and stove with new stainless steel appliances.  We installed a new sink and faucet.  A stone backsplash was installed behind the sink and stove.  Lastly, the entire unit was painted.

California Street 2

Melrose ave, San Francisco

Extensive back yard clean-up

Everett Street, El Cerrito

During our annual inspection, we pointed out to the owner that the fence surrounding the backyard was damaged and in need of repair. Due to some storms, we had during the winter, the fence was in serious need of replacement, and repair was not an option.

We went out and removed the old fence, hauled the material away, and installed a new fence.  The owner was very pleased with the result

Jackson Street, SF , Bathroom Remodel



Jackson street 5
Jackson Sreet3
Jackson Sreet2
Jackson Sreet4

This beautiful bathroom was fully remodeled in 6 days , the old shower was converted to a closet , the whole bathroom was retiled , new vanity and toilet installed .