Luzon Construction & Project Management has been delivering results since we opened in 2014. Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers.

John Evangelatos has several years of experience in General Contraction and Construction Management and is passionate about exceeding your expectations.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Client Needs Analysis
  • Bid Procurement
  • Budgeting
  • Scheduling
  • Safety Management
  • Site Supervision
  • Material and Equipment Coordination
  • Construction Administration
  • Quality Control
  • Cost Control
  • Project Close-out

For the convenience of our global clients we speak English, Farsi, Greek, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Korean & Tagalog.



John P. Evangelatos

 Corporate Officer

President, Luzon Construction & Project Mgmt  

California General Contractor License # 950571

John is full time licensed contractor and for all maintenance requests as little as; toilet leak or disposal is not working to large projects like remodeling entire bathroom or kitchen ( to provide a nicer home for our future tenants ), he uses california licensed sub contractors who are also carrying their own insurance, worker’s compensation and bond.

John wants to make sure through his sub contractors he is giving the best maintenance service to our tenants and also with getting several estimates for any jobs over $500.00, he is also getting the best price/cost for our valuable landlords.

He has a sharp eye and a multitude of skills, he brings to the table the efficiency and accuracy to carry out any project from beginning to end in a professional manner.

Never being professionally trained in design does not hold Yianni back with his keen eye, this man has a flair for style.

John is ready to work with our clients to ensure that their dollar goes a long way, maximizing the earning potential of our clients homes.

Please contact John at:

Office (415) 772-1977 x108

Cell (650) 274-4335

Arezoo Sorkhabi

Business Development Advisor

Arezoo Sorkhabi started her business adventure with Azari Property Management and Luzon Project Management in late 2017. She became VP of Operations and shareholder of Epic Real Estate & Asso. Inc at the inception of the corporation in early 2018.
Mrs. Sorkhabi earned her Bachelor of Science degree in  civil engineering.  After graduation, she pursued her Masters Degree in Architectural Engineering/ urban designing .
One of the reasons Mrs. Sorkhabi joined Azari Property Management, Luzon Project Management and then continued her business engagement with Epic Real Estate & Asso. Inc as VP of Operations and later on as Business Development Advisor , is her belief in the company’s mission, business approach and philosophies.
Examples of these include: assisting tenants and homeowners to live safe and comfortably in their home; bringing value to our landlords and homeowners (investors) by assisting in keeping their properties well maintained; building good relationships with tenants, landlords and homeowners; and always looking at situations from all perspectives.
Arezoo  lives with her family in Danville, California. In her leisure time, you may find her enjoying skiing in the mountains or baking luscious desserts

Reza Foroughi

Project & Inspection Consultant

Reza Foroughi joined Luzon Construction & Project Management as part of maintenance management team reporting directly to John Evangelatos, President of Luzon Construction & Project Mgmt in early 2015.

Borned and raised in Iran, Reza and his family of four immigrated to US several years ago.

In his previous jobs in US, Reza worked as a manager for a few companies and was able to increase customer relation rating by also increasing the sale and profitabilty prior to start his career in Luzon Construction & Project Mgmt.

Reza has a passion and love of building construction management and is very familiar with basic maintenance and repair work needed to be done in our rental properties. With combination of several years of successful management and customer service under his belt and the technical knowledge Reza is confident that he can increase the level of clients’ satisfaction in Azari Property Management maintenance and inspection dept.

Reza believes that customer is a king!

His goal is to be able to respond to all our tenants and landlords repairs and maintenance work orders as soon as possible and to make Azari Property Management’s maintenance dept one of the best in San Francisco and the universe!

Reza appreciates and welcomes any suggestions and recommendations that make his new department shine.

Please contact Reza at:

Office (415) 772-1977 x107

Cell (925) 239 6131





Kansas Street, SF

This client called us looking for assistance with renting their house after a tenant had been in the property for more than 25 years.  We inspected the property and showed them what would be necessary to be able to bring the property up to a rentable state.  The previuos occupant had made changes that the landlord was not aware of.  Many of these “changes” were unsafe, unattractive and in general made the home unrentable.  We went through and inspected the entire house and precented the owner with the “must-do” items, as well as what should be done to attract a quality tenant and demand top rental pricing.  We put together estimates based on the owner’s budget and worked to get the whole house refurbished and beautifully made ready for market.  The updates took about 4 weeks.  We marketed the home with a forward date and collected interest so that when the work was complete we would have a showing.  We had an Open House the day after the work was completed, not only advertising the Open House to the public, but inviting all that had expressed an interest in the property.  That day we received 2 applicants and found a quality tenant at an above the neighborhood rental price!  Below are a few of the “Before” and “After” photos:

Molimo Drive, SF
This client contacted our company after his tenant of over 28 years vacated his property. The house was in original condition and unfortunately the tenant left the place a mess. We recommended a full remodel to our client to bring the property up to a marketable condition. The client had a limited budget so we advised him to spend the money where it counts; paint, floors, kitchen, plumbing and ensuring that the house was mechanically funtional. To cut costs we recommended tile counters rather than granite, cabinet refinishing, pull up the carpet and refinishing of the floors, and window repair rather than replacement. During the last stages of the remodel we began marketing the property for rent and within one week of completion we had placed a tenant in the home and had negotied enough rent for the owner that he would realize his return on investment in just a matter of months. Below you can find some before and after photos showing the dramatic change.




Knollview Way, SF

This client contacted us to help her rent the house that she inherited from her Grandfather. The house was in all original condition and showed great potential as the home is perched upon twin peaks with gorgeous views of the Pacific ocean. The client had a bit more of a budget and really wanted us to focus on the kitchen and the windows in the home. We did a full remodel on the kitchen, refinished the hardwood floors, gave the home a full paint job, replaced all of the view windows and cleaned the place from top to bottom. Towards the end of the project we placed the home on the market and again we were able to find tenants to move in shortly afterwards allowing for a quick recovery of the costs involved with her investment. Below are some before and after pics.


Carnelian Way, SF

This client contacted us to help renovate his four bedroom townhouse in Diamond Heights. His home was in all original condition with outdated stylings from the early 70’s. His property boasted gorgeous views of downtown San Francisco but lacked the modern style that it needed to command a rental price in the upper $4k range. After a full remodel of this four bedroom, two and a half bath townhouse the views were only a secondary compliment to the gorgeous property that portayed them. Check out the before and after pictures below.


Southgate Ave, Daly City

This project involved replacing a very old and malfunctioning stove as well as installing a microwave witha vent hood on top. Our contractors replaced electrical wiring in the cabinets on top of the microwave to bring everything up to code, installed the new microwave and the stove in no time, so the tenants did not have a stove only for a few hours.



California Street, SF
Bathroom Floor tiles replaced
This was a lovely property that just needed some sprucing up and minor work.  
In the bathroom a new tile floor installed, bathtub reglazed and bathroom was painted.  
The hardwood floors where refinished and damaged areas repaired. In the kitchen we replace the refrigerator and stove with new stainless steel appliances.  We installed a new sink and faucet.  A stone backsplash was installed behind the sink and stove.  Lastly the entire unit was painted.  
Everett Street, El Cerrito
During our annual inspection we pointed out to the owner that the fence surrounding the backyard was damaged and in need of repair.  
Due to some storms we had during the winter, the fence was in serious need of replacement and repair was not an option.  
We went out and removed the old fence, hauled the material away and installed a new fence.  The owner was very pleased with the result
Melrose ave, San Francisco
Extensive back yard clean-up